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Reviews left by Javolenus

Wed, May 2 11:45 PM Javolenus review of Restoration Blues by Jeris
Hi Jeris and many thanks indeed for this. Boy you did me+copperhead proud on thi...
Wed, May 2 11:33 PM Javolenus review of Restoration Blues by copperhead
Hi copperhead and many thanks indeed for this! Yea that's cool! Love the walking...
Wed, May 2 6:50 AM Javolenus review of Bassline for Soundcheck with Javolenus by copperhead
Superb! Many thanks for this.
Tue, May 1 11:15 PM Javolenus review of Simple Things by copperhead
Lovely mix, makes me wanna play along.
Tue, May 1 11:00 AM Javolenus review of Is the Universe Sustainable? by Super_Sigil
Just caught up with this -- wow! Excellent groove! Brilliant mix of some tasty s...
Tue, May 1 9:01 AM Javolenus review of An Evocation by Joel Frijters
Great. Excellent vocal sound.
Tue, May 1 8:01 AM Javolenus review of maelstrom by sLow_starteR
Hi sLow and thanks for using my GTR sample! An amazing lyric! And your voice ...
Mon, Apr 30 2:06 PM Javolenus review of Oolong Tea by TheDICE
Hey, nice work! I like your arrangement, which gives space for all elements to s...
Mon, Apr 30 11:38 AM Javolenus review of Rise Up and Remember by TheDICE
Oh yeah, that's cool!
Mon, Apr 30 11:16 AM Javolenus review of Languages Unknown by Joel Frijters
Yeah, that's cool. You got great vocal talent -- thanks for taking this track up...
Mon, Apr 30 10:53 AM Javolenus review of The Bird and the Word (Jav-O + Street Poet Mix) by Joel Frijters
Hey, I like your spoken-word piece in this -- your voice sounds great. Also, Kud...
Mon, Apr 30 4:10 AM Javolenus review of yahoootroll by Jeris
Inspired treatment of sLow's groovy original. Nice work!
Sun, Apr 29 10:05 PM Javolenus review of ~re-master attempt~ of Chris Horne's PROTEUS by sLow_starteR
Sublime! I know I keep saying it, but you gotta great voice. In fact, every time...
Sun, Apr 29 9:42 PM Javolenus review of Soundcheck with Javolenus by copperhead
That's a mighty fine bass track! It locks into the drums and guitar perfectly--i...
Sat, Apr 28 5:49 AM Javolenus review of yahoootroll by sLow_starteR
It's great! Creative and clever, but what I really, really, really like is your ...