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FadedShadows (aka Bryan Little) was born in the great city of Seattle Washington, but now calls the Frederick Maryland area his home. He is an experimental electronic musician, composer, DJ, sound designer, songwriter, IT systems engineer. and record producer under the label Faded Shadows Productions.

With over 20 years composing and playing the piano: FadedShadows employs his classical piano skills to a wide array of digitally created music to form a postmodern sculpture of classical crossover, orchestral dubstep and ambient music.

His music making process uses a Quad Mac Pro running Logic Studio and a Quad Macbook Pro with Ableton Live. One computer is for the audio library and sound designs. The other computer is for live DJ sets and performances. In the studio: The computers are connected through a custom network switch, which allows an unaltered audio signal to be transferred from one DAW to another. A Digital MOTU interface is also used with a HD Kenwood Amp via digital optics, which gives a different and unique sound. A gambit of unique and different sounds are also achieved through the use of over 20 software synths and three MIDI keyboards.

FadedShadows live set is composed in Ableton Live by fusing traditional jazz and classical elements with complex drumbeats and loop-based electronic music. This unique musician offers a live and absolutely captivating experience. He combines the energy of finely crafted songs with the excitement of improvisation. By using the versatility of a DJ with an arsenal of digital effects, He creates a unique fusion of Orchestral Dubstep, Classical Crossover, Progressive Trance, Electro Dub and Ambient - out of this world realms… He conducts this through a symphony of laptops, mixers, MIDI keyboards, effects and computing. These performances consist of an endless excursion among different sound combinations: all compositons played live is composed and edited by FadedShadows, which adds an extra dimension to his sets creating a truly unique experience.
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