Reviews left by DoKashiteru

Tue, Jan 12 9:41 AM DoKashiteru review of Bars by error404
AWESOME! Fantastic balance and punch in this song - keep it up!
Tue, Jan 12 9:23 AM DoKashiteru review of Melancholy Mourning by avonaco_grey
Really well done mix here - you've got a very full and satisfying sound, keep it...
Sat, Dec 12 12:43 PM DoKashiteru review of For you by maajonic
excellent! Great work here, Jhony. You really came up with a top-notch melody ov...
Fri, Dec 11 9:26 AM DoKashiteru review of Future Shock by ditto ditto
Yes! Well done, ditto, this makes me grin.
Fri, Dec 4 10:23 AM DoKashiteru review of October by ditto ditto
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. ditto, your music is consistently and endlessly...
Mon, Nov 23 8:09 AM DoKashiteru review of MARY INSTRUMENTAL by BOCrew
oooh, this is some really well-done editing. Great stuff here!
Mon, Nov 16 12:34 PM DoKashiteru review of sometimes by airtone
Really amazing work here! Big highs and lows without being overpowering. Subtle ...
Mon, Nov 16 12:32 PM DoKashiteru review of Silent Night by MC Jack in the Box
A real beauty! Like having ccMixter at my front door singing. Thanks for this, a...
Mon, Nov 16 6:30 AM DoKashiteru review of Aimée(s)..but you are..! by ditto ditto
Absolutely beautiful. Another masterpiece, ditto
Thu, Oct 22 5:18 AM DoKashiteru review of Gloria (angel mix w/DoKashiteru) by Snowflake
oh my goodness me. There's nothing to say here beyond thank you.
Fri, Sep 18 1:14 PM DoKashiteru review of Ave Maria (Schubert) by Dr. Emiliyan Stankov
Oh my gosh, this is really something. Thank you so much for sharing this!
Tue, Aug 25 9:17 AM DoKashiteru review of Ensemble (Secret Mixter) by ditto ditto
oh my gosh, this is...unreal. What a matchup...absolutely jaw-droppingly amazing...
Sun, Aug 23 5:58 PM DoKashiteru review of Suitcase by The Suit, Inc.
Excellent. Beautiful music, and very good combination with the spoken word. Well...
Sun, Aug 23 5:52 PM DoKashiteru review of Death March To Sun Fun City by RUIN
Yes, yes, yes. Incredible mix, full and well-balanced, really amazing vocals and...
Fri, Aug 14 9:31 AM DoKashiteru review of The Quiet Hours with SackJo22 by timberman
Wonderful! Very full production, excellent singing and guitar (of course :P), an...