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Reviews left by diaphane

Fri, Jul 3 11:05 AM diaphane review of Something Right - Vocals, Ukulele, and Claps by Kara Square
Fri, Jul 3 11:03 AM diaphane review of Hurricane (with MissJudged) by Mana Junkie
Great :)
Fri, Jul 3 11:02 AM diaphane review of What I see by Robbero
Beautiful !
Fri, Jul 3 10:51 AM diaphane review of Paint the Sky by Hans Atom
Your sound is so clear and this voice is absolutely gorgeous !!!!!!
Fri, Jul 3 10:49 AM diaphane review of Paint The Sky by MissJudged
Beautiful and warm voice !!!!
Fri, Jul 3 9:48 AM diaphane review of Bad Penny by Speck
Tue, Jun 23 7:21 AM diaphane review of C#m100-OverToYou by Javolenus
Just magnifique, beautiful !!!!!!
Wed, May 27 3:45 PM diaphane review of jefferson walk by Kristian Skybound
Great association between your music and Forensic's voice ! Thanks for includin...
Mon, May 11 2:21 PM diaphane review of Heat in My Sleep by Robert Warrington
I love this hypnotic rythm which perfectly goes with your cool voice of bluesman...
Sun, May 10 6:48 AM diaphane review of From Home (Snowflake Jeris HEJ31 remix!) by tacet
Lovely subtle music for this amazing voice !!! Beautiful marriage and deserved e...
Fri, Apr 24 11:01 AM diaphane review of RESURRECTION (At the River) -- Voice by SackJo22
Your voice and words are so sweet, smooth and hypnotic. It gives a feeling of we...
Thu, Apr 23 12:43 PM diaphane review of Sunday Afternoon (Ex Machina Mix) by spinningmerkaba
Hi Spinningmerkaba, nice to meet you :) Nice song very smooth for ears ! I do ap...
Wed, Apr 22 3:32 AM diaphane review of Modern Love by Fronz Arp
Wed, Apr 22 3:29 AM diaphane review of After the rain by NoShameName
I couldn't say more:) Beautiful, deep and pure ! Like this beautiful music in th...
Wed, Apr 22 3:24 AM diaphane review of only love by Kristian Skybound
Very nice arrangements for a great voice :)