Firefly Secret Mixter Remixes!

Reviews left by diaphane

Sat, Feb 1 1:44 AM diaphane review of Such a thing of beauty by Stefan Kartenberg
Moby's shoes fit you perfectly :) Excellent choice of gorgeous voices with your ...
Sat, Feb 1 1:38 AM diaphane review of AaronThompson_Vals_Vocals by Aaron Thompson
You've got a beautiful and smooth voice
Sat, Feb 1 1:32 AM diaphane review of The White Lady by Loveshadow
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! Great atmosphere! Lovely effects on my voice.And I love your ...
Sat, Feb 1 1:26 AM diaphane review of The Message. by Loveshadow
Greeeat!!I wanna'dance :) And amazing voice!
Tue, Jan 28 1:57 PM diaphane review of Pie In The Sky by Javolenus
Tue, Jan 28 1:56 PM diaphane review of Pie in the sky by Stefan Kartenberg
Tue, Jan 28 12:30 AM diaphane review of In to the Midnight by CSoul
Thank you very much for your interest! And for this "rocky and groovy" mix! Orig...
Wed, Jan 22 11:43 PM diaphane review of Le tour de tes nuits (Surf Rock Version) by Q6
Thanks to you Q6 !!! ;)
Mon, Dec 30 2:52 PM diaphane review of The Light (007 remix..) by ditto ditto
Ditto, you've got a musical Goldfinger. Your sounds and Snowflake's voice go to...
Mon, Dec 30 1:48 PM diaphane review of Into The Night by charlie_charles
Great atmosphere , and very very cool and good music "comme toujours" Happy New ...
Thu, Dec 26 8:02 AM diaphane review of Long Whisper by Dysfunction_AL
Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ve got a great “oldstyle” sound :) ...
Fri, Dec 20 4:53 AM diaphane review of Le tour de tes nuits by charlie_charles
I looove your music! It's my jazzy Christmas'gift :) 'Hope I could propose a bet...
Mon, Dec 16 10:32 AM diaphane review of Don't Say A Word by charlie_charles
Just one (or two!) words: beautiful bossa!!Thanks for taking this old pella with...
Sun, Dec 15 2:22 AM diaphane review of i m feeling u by Stefan Kartenberg
This amazing voice goes perfectly with your music :)
Sun, Dec 15 2:04 AM diaphane review of Radiant and Lovely by The Bird and the Bloke
Great music and voice, which go together very well!