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Reviews left by coruscate

Fri, Feb 14 12:33 AM coruscate review of Daydreamer by Stefan Kartenberg
Soulful and beautiful. Pensive and moody at parts but brightens right up!
Fri, Feb 14 12:32 AM coruscate review of Rise from the Ashes by bangcorrupt
There's so many ways to use this. An easy way I can see this being used is li...
Thu, Feb 13 3:54 PM coruscate review of the loneliness of the long distance vegetarian by urmymuse
This is an extremely cool, laid back song.
Tue, Feb 11 7:31 PM coruscate review of Walkabout By Fire by septahelix
Once again a fun, cacophonic journey into audio!
Tue, Feb 11 7:22 PM coruscate review of Zeus Jones Beat #003 116bpm by zeusjones
Now this is a fun, funky beat!
Tue, Feb 11 7:21 PM coruscate review of Down Under by Stefan Kartenberg
This is so much awesome sauce. The song is just awesome in an of itself and audi...
Tue, Feb 11 1:33 PM coruscate review of Funny Mad by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Very nice, I also love the steel drums. Exotic samples mmmmmmmyeah! 😁 I've g...
Thu, Feb 6 10:21 PM coruscate review of Glowing Mints by Apoxode
Very chill, I like.
Thu, Feb 6 10:21 PM coruscate review of She Had A Pistol In Her Yoga Pants by septahelix
Your songs are a trip of the imagination!
Thu, Feb 6 10:20 PM coruscate review of Pickin' On Whitewolf by septahelix
This is a cryptic voyage up a back country river trail.
Thu, Feb 6 10:20 PM coruscate review of I Don't Want You by septahelix
I'd like to see a couple dance to this. So many ways. So many ways!
Thu, Feb 6 10:19 PM coruscate review of It's just us by reiswerk
I wanted to say I love this instrumental it's fun and fresh! I will definitely s...
Thu, Feb 6 10:08 PM coruscate review of PMDM-MetallicPerc-20191110 by Jonatha Chance
This is really chill and nice!
Fri, Jan 31 11:29 PM coruscate review of funkish by William Berry
A basic drum pattern but sometimes that's what the doctor needs!
Fri, Jan 31 11:25 PM coruscate review of On fire by Sascha Ende
This is soooooo good and so chill. Very nice work!