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Reviews left by coruscate

Tue, Mar 3 2:52 PM coruscate review of Rise Up! by Mr_Yesterday
I thought I had left a review, apparently I had not. This is a very funky, almos...
Tue, Mar 3 2:49 PM coruscate review of emergency xxx by panu
This is an awesome pell. I love the lyrics.
Sat, Feb 29 12:50 AM coruscate review of Death Metal Guitar Rhythms 4/4 120BPM (MP3 Version) by mortoray
This and the other pack are great additions to CCMixter!
Sat, Feb 29 12:50 AM coruscate review of Death Metal Guitar Rhythms 4/4 120BPM by mortoray
This is all great stuff, great contributions thanks!
Sat, Feb 29 12:49 AM coruscate review of Nada Construction Kit1 by Tapsa
Hoooooo some good stuff here!!
Fri, Feb 28 1:38 AM coruscate review of There Ain't No Other Woman Like Me by texasradiofish
This reminds me of Jamiroquoi(s?) In such a good way. Hands in the air this is m...
Fri, Feb 28 1:33 AM coruscate review of Didj Durge by septahelix
You are very good at what you do 😁
Fri, Feb 28 1:30 AM coruscate review of rabbit of mine by cyba
This was a surprisingly good use of a eulogy. My friend's ashes are coming ho...
Fri, Feb 28 1:22 AM coruscate review of Chaos In The Outback by septahelix
I always love your stuff. And it gives me immense pleasure when someone twists u...
Thu, Feb 27 11:55 PM coruscate review of Did you know? (pella) by Kind Robot
This is a fun vocal and it truly deserves a remix.
Thu, Feb 27 11:12 PM coruscate review of Song of the Phoenix by SackJo22
This is a masterclass of a mix. Period. Best work I've heard from you hands do...
Thu, Feb 27 11:11 PM coruscate review of Song of the Phoenix Vox by SackJo22
I love this pella, like I always love your work. And I think it's super fun that...
Thu, Feb 27 10:28 PM coruscate review of Capitalism Song (Paddle Your Own Canoe) by Andrew Wainwright
I'm with Speck on this one. Catchy feels! I will have to remix!
Thu, Feb 27 3:57 AM coruscate review of Opera Bufa #38: Eris Temple by afieled
Well this is fun! It's like having some fresh OTR to play with or an almost rap....
Thu, Feb 27 3:53 AM coruscate review of Engage Your Brain by Speck
Shades of DJ Shadow type work here. Llllllove it!