Yin of Yang Secret Mixter

Yin of Yang Secret Mixter

Yin and yang, male and female, strong and weak, rigid and tender, heaven and earth, light and darkness, thunder and lightning, cold and warmth, good and evil…the interplay of opposite principles constitutes the universe.” ~Confucius

In moving pieces of music, we find a sonic interplay between tension and release, call and response, dissonance and resolution. We find hints of melody in chaos and peace after a thunderous crescendo. We find a gift in the giving.

If you imagine sound as the Yin and Yang symbol, in motion, each side swirling around the other, pulling and repelling in timeless interplay, you can hear the symphony of life within, and find the oneness of duality. In this Secret Mixter, the oneness is realized by the giving and the receiving of music.

This balance between “opposites” is what we encourage you to bring out in your work during the Yin of Yang Secret Mixter. Ask yourself this question: “Where is the light in the dark, where is the dark in the light?” or “Where is the feminine in the masculine, where is the masculine in the feminine?” For only in relationship to each other can we find the truth in duality. In reality, they are interconnected, as we all are. We are each part of the Yin of Yang. Find it in your Secret Mixter’s source and remix it for the world to hear.

Sign up between March 21-April 3
Assignments go out April 4
Upload day is April 18

Yin and yang give birth to all things… The complete whole is the complete whole. So also is any part the complete whole… But forget about understanding and harmonizing and making all things one. The universe is already a harmonious oneness; just realize it.” ~Laozi


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