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Spectrum Analysis Episode 8 Clips

uploaded: Mon, Nov 5, 2007 @ 5:56 PM
byBen Shewmaker
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These are clips I edited out from my podcast, Spectrum Analysis. These come from episode 8. You can find the show at http://www.spectrumanalysis...

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /Ian expletives.aif (68.01KB)
  • /Ian oh my god.aif (107.45KB)
  • /Ian we are channel two.aif (174.61KB)
  • /Larry custom fit for your ear canal.aif (297.10KB)
  • /Larry everything.aif (223.41KB)
  • /Larry give it to others.aif (281.18KB)
  • /Larry good to go.aif (167.23KB)
  • /Larry Haiyaah.aif (132.71KB)
  • /Larry Highly legal or legally high.aif (238.61KB)
  • /Larry Laugh.aif (328.28KB)
  • /Larry Laugh 2.aif (300.23KB)
  • /Larry Laugh yeah.aif (81.46KB)
  • /Larry Oh dear i did not know.aif (287.82KB)
  • /Larry oooh yeah.aif (301.37KB)
  • /Larry pass along the joy and the freedom.aif (200.28KB)
  • /Larry she gave em a motor boat.aif (144.82KB)
  • /Larry shes expanded his bandwidth.aif (220.10KB)
  • /Larry Sign.aif (249.90KB)
  • /Larry talking talking talking talking.aif (185.78KB)
  • /Larry we need more noise cancelling headphones.aif (338.34KB)
  • /Larry we were touching it for an hour.aif (243.65KB)
  • /Larry what what what.aif (273.03KB)
  • /Larry yeah.aif (69.84KB)
  • /Matt Chirp.aif (152.32KB)
  • /Matt dig a hole to bury a box.aif (141.18KB)
  • /Matt Hey pepepepe.aif (115.03KB)
  • /Matt Hey pepepepe2.aif (332.55KB)
  • /Matt mike check.aif (397.80KB)
  • /Matt moisten your fence.aif (235.12KB)
  • /Matt Stare.aif (162.00KB)
  • /Someone Laughin.aif (198.87KB)
  • /David laugh.aif (410.07KB)
  • /Great Job.aif (83.21KB)
  • /Ian aaaah.aif (95.59KB)

"Spectrum Analysis Episode 8 Clips"
by Ben Shewmaker

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Creative Commons
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