Pollinators Secret Mixter Signups

How I Did It

by gurdonark
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Sat, Feb 3, 2007 @ 12:28 AM

Tools I Used

Magix Audio Studio 10
Wave Goodbye
Anvil Studio

Samples I Used

The listed samples, plus the spoken word in pd from librivox.org


I used wave goodbye to convert the a capealla into a MIDI piece. I transposed the MIDI piece down several steps. Then I cloned the MIDI piece three times. I assigned strings to one track, a bass to another track, and the Chimera freeware softsynth to a third track. I took the percussive sample from the sleepless pack, applied echo and reverb, and looped it. I applied dynamics to the poetry reading, to give it a telephone-like sound, and split it into three sections.

Other Notes

Dunbar's poem really works for me.
I enjoyed putting together this unconventional setting for it.
I wish I knew how to contact its reader.