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Shallow Waters (Greg Krezos f...
by GregKrezos
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Sun, May 29, 2022 @ 4:08 AM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

Logic Pro X, iMac 27", SAMSON Graphite 49

Samples I Used

Vocals from Snowflake's Shallow Waters
FX samples from Logic Pro's bank

Original Samples

All instruments programmed by me with Logic Pro's s/w instruments.


I wrote a three chords progression in a loop and I was searching for a matching acapella. Once I came across Shallow Waters, it just clicked.
I dropped the tempo to 80bpm in order to match the 160bpm of the song I wanted to write.
I separated the vocals into different channels (Main, Chorus, Backing etc) in order to use different EQs, effects and spacing.
Then I added pad layers, keys phrases, beats & bass & last the fx sounds

Other Notes

I maintained a rich beat in the two main parts of the track in order to bring out tension, some sense of anxiety and stress and tried to ease them with a calm bridge and outro, instead of keeping it balanced throughout the track like a Chillout mix.
At least, that was my intention.

Any feedback will be appreciated ;)