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How I Did It

Inside Outside (indietronica ...
by xkuj4z
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Wed, May 21, 2014 @ 12:52 AM

Tools I Used

Ableton Live
The Forge - Hecq
Nexus Plugin

Samples I Used

i. Colors Shifting by Christopher Willitz

ii. Inside Outside by by snowflake

Lex Luger Hi Hats, Lex Luger Snare

Original Samples

i. Reverse piano
ii. Glitched Piano
iii. Gated Organ

Other Notes

After a few listens of this song I started to hear elements of Climax produced by Diplo and performed by Usher, so I listened to that song for inspiration to further develop my remix. After listening to a lot of remixes I also felt that mixing for this original track did not give enough space to the vocals and did not do enough justice to Snowflake's voice. I really wanted to keep the integrity of the lyrics, harmony, and create embellishments which really allowed the vocals to stand out.

I hope you guys enjoy this remix, there's a lot of love put in!