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How I Did It

Eve (Unsaid)
by Quarkstar
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Sun, May 5, 2013 @ 11:12 AM

Tools I Used

Ableton 9

Drums: Superior Drummer
Bass: Ableton Electric FM Basic Bass
Guitars: reFX Slayer2
Synth: ZebraCM JA Ringing PulseBass
Pads: DUNE CM, Valenciana


I had already worked on some parts for Unsaid by pattisPeng and used that for the basis of the work.

I have been listening to Indian music and how the notes are played, I tried to bring the same aesthetic to the playing in this tune.

Other Notes

As soon as I heard snowflakes spoken word I really wanted to create the music for it. I realised that it was going to have to dig deep, first spoken word, a serious heartfelt theme and a slow beat.

I felt that a sparse beginning leading up to a choral ending would fit the words. I used only a few instruments and worked on the tone and feel of each note.

Unfortunately I fell ill and the deadline for submission loomed so I had to rush it and the choral part is missing at the moment.