Yin of Yang Mixing In Progress

How I Did It

Tools I Used

Cubase SX, Zoom effect pedals, Behringer V-Amp 2, Akai MPC2000, Roland MC505. This was 2003, Ableton Live wasn't out yet and I used hardware to play.

Samples I Used

Most beats came from sample libraries which were distributed with Future Music magazine. Once you buy the magazine, the samples are yours to keep and do whatever you want, so I guess you can call them free -- sort of.

Original Samples

All guitars, basses and synths on this track are original.


It all began with a killer guitar riff by Peter Strauss from Ouvintes (http://www.ouvintes.com). Maurice (also from Ouvintes) created some beats on his MPC2000 and handed it to me (I also had one at the time) along with the riff samples. I created lots of additional beats and programming upon it and jammed along with the rest of the band. After playing it live some times, the song was ready.

Other Notes

I think this is the most rock-ish drum'n'bass track from Gerador Zero, and I wanted to upload it to ccMixter for some time now. Since there were a lot of people involved on the making of the track, I had to ask everybody if they agreed... and I'm glad they did!