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Remix I Know where I stand Se...
by dapower
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Sat, Nov 13, 2010 @ 3:11 PM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used


Samples I Used

The voice, bass line, and acoustic guitars are from Where I Stand, a shannonsongs work.

Original Samples

I created the drum line, two synths lines, a simil acoustic guitar background, a synth pad background and percussion effects.


I started playing the main synth line along with the song, then quantize and choosing some part to put on the song as the first background. Then I start to simplify and delete and change velocity of each note (That is my main methodology to work, delete and simplify :D) Then I repeated that like 10 times. Then again, now adding the original bass and guitar line. Then I started to look for other lines using the same proccess. At the end I added the drums and percusion effects.
Then I started to work with the volume and panning for each line.

Other Notes

It was beautiful to work this song, some times, when I work on a song I end up hating it because I need to listen to it like 500 times. But on this case I loved the song each time I played it. Now every time I listen to it I want to add and fix things on it. For me this song is perfect just with the voice and the acoustic guitar (like any good love song :D) so my work was just to add some things without losing that feeling.