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How I Did It

Feel It Burning (ft. Snowflake)
by Ivan Chew
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Sun, Sep 6, 2009 @ 10:21 AM

Uses samples from:

Samples are used in:


Tools I Used

Line 6 POD Farm (for guitar amp effects).

My trusty Epiphone Les Paul Standard (with new strings!)

Samples I Used

Drum loops from GarageBand.
Tweaked Snowflake's original piano sample.

Original Samples

Bass (software instrument).

Guitars (ran my 'live' guitar through a Line6 POD amp simulator).


Imported Snowflake's stems to GarageBand (vocals and piano).

Listened to Snowflake's piano sample for inspiration. There were 5 notes that stood out (which I copied and used as the refrain).

Arranged the song largely according to the original sequence of Snowflake's vocals. Then added drums and then composed a simple bass track.

For the guitars, I toyed around with some amp sounds (through my Line6 POD Farm). Found this preset called "Stone In Love". Sounded suitable and settled on using that. Turned out I just needed to play Am and G keys over and over... and Snowflake's vocals did the rest.

Other Notes

If not for this remix, I would not have found the POD Farm preset sound. So I learned and gained something as well!