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Tue, Jan 14 10:30 PM coruscate review of Winter Walk (Silver Trumpet Mix) by spinningmerkaba
This is a really cool, somber trumpet piece. I loved the mix years ago but never...
Tue, Jan 14 9:36 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Trillium Line by Admiral Bob
Nice to hear someone else in a good mood today. Sweeeet keyboard vibe!
Tue, Jan 14 7:20 PM Snowflake review of Ordinary People (Rise from the Ashes) by Scomber
Thank you for this important song, your heart-piercing words and beautiful vocal...
Tue, Jan 14 10:48 AM airtone review of Ordinary People (Rise from the Ashes) by Scomber
great track, nice use of the stems, hopefully it will summon the rain.
Tue, Jan 14 10:19 AM Kara Square review of Ordinary People (Rise from the Ashes) by Scomber
Intensely touching... real, raw, but still hopeful. Please stay safe... 💗
Tue, Jan 14 4:09 AM Apoxode review of The R-Word by coruscate
Good message to this track, hope it makes a difference in the way people think! ...
Tue, Jan 14 4:02 AM Apoxode review of Drugs Of Choice by Subliminal
Very cool backtrack, groovy and chill! Works great with the spoken word, awesome...
Tue, Jan 14 3:54 AM Apoxode review of Ordinary People (Rise from the Ashes) by Scomber
Very heart wrenching :( Stay safe, Scomber, hopefully the fires will be stopped...
Tue, Jan 14 3:27 AM Speck review of Ordinary People (Rise from the Ashes) by Scomber
Beautifully emotive. Great backing music.
Tue, Jan 14 3:14 AM Speck review of Salsa by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice one.
Tue, Jan 14 2:33 AM Scomber review of What You Want To by Stefan Kartenberg
This is amazing Stef! Would love you to post the stems or a backing track. Mig...
Tue, Jan 14 12:38 AM coruscate review of Crowded Rooms by Duco
I didn't fully appreciate how open and honest these lyrics were til I mixed them...
Mon, Jan 13 10:18 PM coruscate review of Skate Break by Apoxode
An unexpected, but cool sampling pattern to use!
Mon, Jan 13 10:17 PM coruscate review of School Boys by Calyman
Smooth and laid back. This one is a nice track!
Mon, Jan 13 10:16 PM coruscate review of drum loop by naetica
This is a really nice drumbeat that's easy to rap over 8^)
Mon, Jan 13 1:26 PM Stefan Kartenberg review of Shehnai- Let the beat hit em- Remix by J.Lang
Great beat and bass line. Thanks for using my stems.
Mon, Jan 13 12:54 PM Kara Square review of Don't Look Down by Stefan Kartenberg
Powerful, EPIC folk rock mix! Brilliant.
Mon, Jan 13 12:53 PM Kara Square review of Don't Look Down by Mr_Yesterday
Whew! You gave me goosebumps. Incredible songwriting.
Mon, Jan 13 12:52 PM J.Lang review of Focus on Love by Scomber
Yes Very Kool. Love what you did with Kara's vocals.
Mon, Jan 13 12:47 PM Kara Square review of Common Cause by Mr_Yesterday
Brilliant lyrics. Strong vocal performance. Yeah. Yep.
Mon, Jan 13 12:42 PM Kara Square review of Zona Norte by J.Lang
OwOwOw! Now that's a super-fun, feel-good jam!
Mon, Jan 13 12:39 PM Kara Square review of Session Horns by Stefan Kartenberg
Awwwwwww yeah! Positively upbeat and jumping! YouTube videos, here this comes!
Mon, Jan 13 12:36 PM Kara Square review of Focus on Love by Scomber
Trippy, uplifting, and cool! The pitch shift works. Weird for me to hear, but it...
Mon, Jan 13 12:30 PM Kara Square review of For The Holidays by raja_ffm
Lovely, joyful pop rock remix! Thanks so much for using my vocals. Heartwarming ...
Mon, Jan 13 12:27 PM Scomber review of Duality-LateNightSmokeMix by Alex
Awesome pacing and top notch synth work Alex!
Mon, Jan 13 12:24 PM Scomber review of Sennen Cove by Radioontheshelf
I suspect good old Gerald was already cutting your grass! Love the narrative in ...
Mon, Jan 13 12:23 PM Kara Square review of You Were You by Siobhan Dakay
I love how this sonically explodes around 44 seconds in... Thanks for working my...
Mon, Jan 13 12:19 PM Scomber review of Learn to fly by Stefan Kartenberg
Jam packed full of energy !
Mon, Jan 13 10:33 AM Admiral Bob review of Mad Symphony 2020 by coruscate
I never get tired of scratching. And it is very well done here.
Mon, Jan 13 2:31 AM Speck review of How It Is by Apoxode
Cool, calm and well collected.