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Fri, Feb 14 11:06 PM sash_liq review of another walking perspective pell by Martin Cee (softmartin)
thanks for creating this quality stuff :)
Fri, Feb 14 8:34 PM coruscate review of Climate Change The Dirty Water Remix by J.Lang
Absolutely rocktacular! I'm at a loss for words but I'm all thumbs up!
Fri, Feb 14 7:38 PM Mr_Yesterday review of We Rise by Kara Square
Stand together ✊ Love this!
Fri, Feb 14 4:17 PM coruscate review of Slow down move over by reiswerk
I always love remixes, but I love remixes of my activist work even more! I am ac...
Fri, Feb 14 12:44 PM Kara Square review of Rain by Admiral Bob
This is just lovely... gave me goosebumps.
Fri, Feb 14 12:41 PM Kara Square review of What will you do? by Scomber
Oh! That's really darn good! It's a trip to hear because both of those songs swi...
Fri, Feb 14 12:38 PM Kara Square review of 70, 90, 110 BPM "Climate Change Is Real" by coruscate
Yep. What you said. Well-written and delivered!
Fri, Feb 14 12:56 AM coruscate review of Discman Woes by Speck
Glorious discord! This one is a fun head nod. Very cool use of samples.
Fri, Feb 14 12:51 AM coruscate review of Alice in the City by reiswerk
Super classy. Super, super classy. Hats off to the production work here.
Fri, Feb 14 12:48 AM coruscate review of Hänsel und Gretel by Stefan Kartenberg
Aye! Cinematic! This needs to be in a movie! But no rings. We've seen enough Mo...
Fri, Feb 14 12:44 AM coruscate review of It's All Fun (with Concept) by Siobhan Dakay
This track is all sorts of awesome. I mean it took me immediately to my KPM libr...
Fri, Feb 14 12:40 AM coruscate review of Chillhop Kit Five by Apoxode
I'm grooving in my chair listening to this track play. Very, very, VERY nicely d...
Fri, Feb 14 12:36 AM coruscate review of Schwingungen by Stefan Kartenberg
This is a masterpiece of darkness. I like this one a lot. It moves, it layers, i...
Fri, Feb 14 12:33 AM coruscate review of Daydreamer by Stefan Kartenberg
Soulful and beautiful. Pensive and moody at parts but brightens right up!
Fri, Feb 14 12:32 AM coruscate review of Rise from the Ashes by bangcorrupt
There's so many ways to use this. An easy way I can see this being used is li...
Thu, Feb 13 3:54 PM coruscate review of the loneliness of the long distance vegetarian by urmymuse
This is an extremely cool, laid back song.
Thu, Feb 13 7:42 AM Kara Square review of Circling 2020 by Bluemillenium
Delicate and thoughtful mix. Lovely.
Wed, Feb 12 4:27 PM Apoxode review of Shiny, New Reflective Coat by coruscate
Wow, that's a lot of cool sounds and samples, very nice mix! Thank you for inclu...
Wed, Feb 12 4:19 PM Apoxode review of Volunteer Fire Brigage (drums + Inst) by coruscate
Very cool selection of sounds, and well arranged. You can't go wrong with craig...
Wed, Feb 12 9:29 AM SackJo22 review of The Colour of Music by Apoxode
This is so great. The bop. The tone. I can see using it for somatic practice ...
Wed, Feb 12 9:25 AM SackJo22 review of The R-Word by coruscate
Bravo! Powerful message and very cool groove. Thanks for including me.
Wed, Feb 12 9:22 AM SackJo22 review of 2019 Retrospective by Speck
Happy new year to you and yours dear Speck. Thank you for including me in this h...
Wed, Feb 12 9:16 AM SackJo22 review of This is the Dream by Apoxode
Beautiful. Thanks for including me in this track. I can see using it for somat...
Wed, Feb 12 9:13 AM SackJo22 review of The Night Before Christmas by Mana Junkie
Bravo! Thanks for including me as part of your musical world. Best for you and ...
Wed, Feb 12 9:12 AM SackJo22 review of The Night Before Christmas by Donnie Ozone
Thanks for this super fun setting for the story -- love where you found inspirat...
Wed, Feb 12 9:10 AM SackJo22 review of Feel It in Your Heart by Apoxode
Soft. Sweet. Gentle. A great antidote to some of the firey Phoenix tracks I've b...
Wed, Feb 12 9:07 AM SackJo22 review of The Choice has been made (Extended Vocals) by musikpirat
Happy new year! And thanks for playing with me. So cool. I hope all is well for ...
Wed, Feb 12 6:52 AM Bluemillenium review of The Phoenix Rises by Apoxode
Feutré, reposant, j'aime beaucoup. Bravo
Wed, Feb 12 6:50 AM Bluemillenium review of Earth Is Burning by raja_ffm
Félicitation, c'est superbement travaillé
Wed, Feb 12 6:45 AM Bluemillenium review of Song of the Phoenix by Kraftamt
Belle adaptation de la musique sur la voix, Quel instruments VST ou banque ?