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Fri, Jan 31 11:29 PM coruscate review of funkish by William Berry
A basic drum pattern but sometimes that's what the doctor needs!
Fri, Jan 31 11:27 PM Robbero review of Been Like That Too by texasradiofish
Fri, Jan 31 11:25 PM coruscate review of On fire by Sascha Ende
This is soooooo good and so chill. Very nice work!
Fri, Jan 31 11:11 AM Snowflake review of Ordinary People (Rise from the Ashes) Pella by Scomber
so powerful. you are all in our hearts.
Fri, Jan 31 2:46 AM Apoxode review of It's Just Us (Ft UnReal_DM & Donnie Ozone) by coruscate
This is a good concept you've got going here, rapping over a blues track with sc...
Fri, Jan 31 2:03 AM Javolenus review of Unsichtbar by Stefan Kartenberg
Masterful and beautifully harmonic remix. Many thanks! Also guitar additions are...
Fri, Jan 31 12:03 AM coruscate review of drum loop #002 (096 BPM) by Exorcist
This is a nice, simple break beat style beat. I like.
Wed, Jan 29 2:24 PM Apoxode review of Venom by musikpirat
Nice, raw and gritty a-breaks -- your bassline works great with the drum stem. T...
Wed, Jan 29 2:17 PM Apoxode review of Can't Get It Right by Speck
Wow, this is a spooky remix (in a good way), lots of tension and suspense! And ...
Wed, Jan 29 2:48 AM Speck review of Dope Digging by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Very nice. Very chill.
Wed, Jan 29 12:10 AM coruscate review of Drum Loop #009 (075 BPM) by VPD
Short little loops need reviews too! And this is exactly what I needed when I h...
Wed, Jan 29 12:09 AM coruscate review of A night walk in the broken core by My Free Mickey
If breakdancing and mosh pits had a baby. This is that baby. It's a beautiful ...
Tue, Jan 28 5:53 PM jepe review of Persephone by Hans Atom
this piece is amazing... if an "acapella" is a riddle, then it is completely sol...
Tue, Jan 28 4:48 PM jepe review of The Astronaut by Hans Atom
an invisible culture has shown itself... while dissolving in the waves of the op...
Tue, Jan 28 4:24 AM Javolenus review of Older by Kraftamt
Hey my friend--good to hear your sounds again! And many thanks for this excellen...
Tue, Jan 28 3:36 AM Speck review of As They Hibernate by Apoxode
This one has quite a melancholy tone to it, or maybe that's just me. Great sa...
Tue, Jan 28 1:54 AM coruscate review of Entrée by fluffy
Lots of light, fluffy fun on this one! I'm questioning the Novembeat2019 thing ...
Tue, Jan 28 12:10 AM fluffy review of As They Hibernate by Apoxode
Nice and chill, and great use of all of the samples selected.
Tue, Jan 28 12:02 AM coruscate review of Chillhop Kit Four by Apoxode
Dude super chill! Very nice I like this a lot!
Mon, Jan 27 5:46 PM Kraftamt review of Heimstudio by Stefan Kartenberg
Real great sound. The arrangement fits together perfectly. I especially like the...
Mon, Jan 27 5:40 PM Kraftamt review of Mad Orchestra by texasradiofish
Really fat sound.
Mon, Jan 27 6:54 AM Apoxode review of Heimstudio by Stefan Kartenberg
So cool, did you use a Kraftzwerg synth to make the sounds? It looks like a fun ...
Mon, Jan 27 2:22 AM Speck review of Sleipnir by Stefan Kartenberg
A wonderful musical journey.
Mon, Jan 27 1:19 AM Dan_Mantau review of Heimstudio by Stefan Kartenberg
nice and weird - schön schräg ;-)
Mon, Jan 27 12:22 AM Javolenus review of Sleipnir by Stefan Kartenberg
Awesome remix! Love it. Many thanks! :-)
Sun, Jan 26 8:22 AM Martijn de Boer (NiGiD) review of Cerulean Spigot by Speck
Very cool (of the birth)
Sun, Jan 26 6:48 AM Stefan Kartenberg review of Chillhop Kit Three by Apoxode
The sound and art of noise
Sun, Jan 26 6:47 AM Stefan Kartenberg review of Cerulean Spigot by Speck
Free jazz power - love it!!
Sun, Jan 26 3:06 AM Speck review of Chillhop Kit Three by Apoxode
Very cool. About as chill as it gets.
Sat, Jan 25 12:57 PM Apoxode review of Canuma by Stefan Kartenberg
Very relaxing and uplifting, good for the spirit :)