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Fri, Sep 24 5:34 PM Darkroom review of Goodbye Illusion by septahelix
I like the mingling of the vox with the music. Overall, good piece.
Fri, Sep 24 1:21 PM GeeArtriasRose review of π’‡π’†π’†π’π’Šπ’π’ˆ by Apoxode
very nice, thank you
Fri, Sep 24 4:27 AM Speck review of A Purdie Good Gospel Shuffle by billraydrums
Thank you for these generous shares.
Fri, Sep 24 4:14 AM Speck review of 2alk by reiswerk
Nice mood piece.
Fri, Sep 24 1:19 AM Martijn de Boer (NiGiD) review of Souvenir, c’est aimer by Mr. Pepino
Thu, Sep 23 4:45 PM tom_luft review of Where you are now by Hans Atom
More than 8 years after the upload - what a gem! Like the sound, the arrangement...
Wed, Sep 22 3:26 PM Anacrusis Ansa review of SuperHero by Stefan Kartenberg
Totally missed you doing this - love it!
Wed, Sep 22 3:24 PM Anacrusis Ansa review of Take Me Home by Speck
Very cool to put it all together this way! Love how you handled mixing it in.
Wed, Sep 22 2:40 PM Snowflake review of Ain't No Message In The Bottle (lofi mix) by texasradiofish
yes this is super, super tasty
Wed, Sep 22 2:54 AM Speck review of Too Stoned Tomorrow by Stefan Kartenberg
Very nice.
Tue, Sep 21 11:43 AM flexbarker review of Kripaa by Chandan Boruah
This is the bomb. like adam. ps. funny how hiphop works around the world it is c...
Tue, Sep 21 10:40 AM Apoxode review of In The Sunshine by Darkroom
Nice, a warm 808 + jazzy melody + soulful vocals = 1 chill groove :) Perfect ...
Tue, Sep 21 10:37 AM Apoxode review of Lucky by echo_orbit
Super sweet, a nice farewell to Summer :)
Tue, Sep 21 8:52 AM Kevin_Milner_music review of Too Stoned Tomorrow by Stefan Kartenberg
So cool to be combined with the Beatles like that! It's neat how you made my voi...
Mon, Sep 20 8:07 PM Darkroom review of Four Seasons by Stefan Kartenberg
I just love your mixes and I don't just mean the music. The actual quality is sp...
Mon, Sep 20 8:05 PM Darkroom review of My Burrito by Speck
Not sure how you made an intriguing song out of burrito hording, but you did it....
Mon, Sep 20 10:52 AM Kara Square review of World war 3 by sparky
Yes! This is awesome! The dramatic build is stellar... and I love the strings. W...
Mon, Sep 20 10:47 AM Kara Square review of The Rocks I've Rolled by Radioontheshelf
At the risk of overuse, I'll say it anyway... EPIC. Great mix, Radio.
Mon, Sep 20 10:45 AM Kara Square review of Marching Towards Oblivion by Kevin_Milner_music
Another great folk song... this line: from the way that you are grinnin' I think...
Mon, Sep 20 10:40 AM Kara Square review of Where Others Fear To Tread by Kevin_Milner_music
This took me back to the anti-folk era with the lovely Kimya Dawson... So, you k...
Mon, Sep 20 10:38 AM Kara Square review of Medicine by Siobhan Dakay
Awwwww YEAH!! This is absolutely fantastic! I love it. It's just the kind of fol...
Mon, Sep 20 9:58 AM Kara Square review of Lucky by echo_orbit
Awesome bassline! I totally dig the reggae. Thanks for remixing me!
Mon, Sep 20 9:38 AM Kara Square review of Broken Record by echo_orbit
Awwww yeah! This rocks! Such a fun, upbeat vibe. Great guitar, bass and drums. M...
Mon, Sep 20 9:34 AM Kara Square review of The Most Generic Thing by texasradiofish
Awwwww yeah! That worked quite well, indeed. I like how you connected lofi with ...
Mon, Sep 20 9:29 AM Kara Square review of Gettin' By (lo fi mix) by texasradiofish
Well, that sure sounds fittin' lofi-ified! Thanks, TRF!
Mon, Sep 20 9:23 AM Kevin_Milner_music review of Lambasted by -=β‚ͺΫ©MU۞SEΫ©β‚ͺ=-
This is nuts. I like it!
Mon, Sep 20 2:38 AM Speck review of Lucky by echo_orbit
Nice. Kara's vocals work really well in this reggae setting. (On the propert...
Sun, Sep 19 1:29 PM milkdaddy review of This Winter by Snowflake
You Are So Talented Emily. Nice Job! πŸ‘πŸΌ
Sun, Sep 19 11:09 AM Apoxode review of Sleepless Night by @nop
So much fun, I love to hear sound effects become music :) Great choice for voca...
Sun, Sep 19 10:42 AM Apoxode review of My Burrito by Speck
Awesome, captivating from start to end, I am quite happy with this remix. The de...
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