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My Baby Left Me (5/4 R&B)

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FeaturingPatricia Edwards, Javolenus, Robert Warrington
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Verses: 12 bar 1-4-5 progression
Bridge: One 10 bar and one 12 bar 1-4-5 progression

Wanting to create a 1-4-5 R&B progression in 5/4 that featured vocals, searched ccMixter for 5/4 samples close to 96 bpm. Found Javolenus’ 5/4 beat.

To create a bass pattern, started by reading an old Carol Kaye book that contained one exampled of a 5/4 bass pattern. Changed the key and modified the pattern to fit the drums. Then further modified the pattern to fit the rhythm guitar. Then further modified the pattern to fit the vocals. The results do not resemble the Carol Kaye bass line but inspiration is surely the idea of publishing instructional examples.

Patricia Edwards vocal tracks was largely used as is. The vocal track fit well over the 5/4 R&B rhythm.

Except for repeating some the words and phrases, Robert Warrington’s vocal track is used as is.

To answer Patricia’s vocals, searched ccMixter for a pell talking or singing about “I left my baby.” After skimming through half the titles in the ccmixter pell catalog for a hint about a match, Robert’s words seemed to like the 5/4 rhythm and addressed the theme of not getting along with another person.

Bass: trying a new midi driven IK Multimedia Modo Bass modeling plugin through Amplitube 4.

Organ: trying a new MIDI driven IK MultiMedia Hammond B-X3 modeling plugin. Noodled a bit on the intro using a Korg keyboard as a MIDI controller. Don’t have a keyboard that the plugin recognizes. Need to manually configure a MIDI controller … someday.

Inspiring interview with the iconic Carol Kaye (now 84 years old) on Vimeo. The part about playing with a metronome is spot on. After playing, recording and performing live with a DAW (aka a metronome), the many sins related to unsteady timing were remedied.


“That’s Why My Baby Left Me” written and recorded by Patricia Edwards and courtesy of Royalty free, noncommercial use only.

"My Baby Left Me (5/4 R&B)"
by texasradiofish

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