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Think I know this (decades)

uploaded: Fri, Apr 10, 2015 @ 6:07 PM last modified: Fri, Apr 10, 2015 @ 6:15 PM  (add)
FeaturingDr Norman Foster
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Little tune featuring sort of old school cut ups, some bent a little to keep things more interesting.

I started out intending to do something landscapey, and relaxing, but ended up somehow getting sucked into making a head-nodder.

This is just a quick mix, don’t kill me, I just wanted to get something down using cut ups from this interview and don’t have time to make a real polished job of it….it is what it is :)

Yes, the reference to ‘decades’ inspired the old synths and style.

I’ll also attached 50’ish cut up samples from the interview to the files for this remix, and I’m challenging you guys to download them and do something more interesting :)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Music for Healing Samples

  • /A_PLEASURE.wav (1.51MB)
  • /agitation_or_delusion.wav (1.13MB)
  • /and_our_language_abilities.wav (286.51KB)
  • /around_the_world_in_the_brain.wav (1.54MB)
  • /as_time_goes_on.wav (246.75KB)
  • /as_we_age.wav (518.98KB)
  • /be_able_to_communicate.wav (264.52KB)
  • /by_dance_by_feeling.wav (743.50KB)
  • /cognative_problems.wav (230.79KB)
  • /connectiohns.wav (153.52KB)
  • /damaged_areas.wav (2.27MB)
  • /decades_old.wav (506.57KB)
  • /degraded_over_time.wav (1.12MB)
  • /determined_by_difficulty.wav (2.09MB)
  • /different_areas_of_the_brain.wav (1.02MB)
  • /different_pathways.wav (260.87KB)
  • /dignity.wav (193.56KB)
  • /embarased_about_it.wav (712.38KB)
  • /experiencing.wav (159.93KB)
  • /friends_tend_to_go_away.wav (315.05KB)
  • /give_people_dignity.wav (302.52KB)
  • /go_to_sleep.wav (225.61KB)
  • /hear_at_the_prom.wav (292.23KB)
  • /human_and_who_we_are.wav (695.97KB)
  • /its_not_fun.wav (303.59KB)
  • /its_not_music.wav (261.13KB)
  • /less_befriended.wav (265.52KB)
  • /listening_to_more_music.wav (599.66KB)
  • /meaningful_music.wav (269.66KB)
  • /memory_and_thinking_problems.wav (313.73KB)
  • /more_obvious.wav (207.99KB)
  • /music_and_memory.wav (291.01KB)
  • /music_is_a.wav (935.00KB)
  • /my_memory_and_thinking.wav (287.75KB)
  • /NEW_SONG.wav (1,004.26KB)
  • /personally_meaningful_music.wav (357.13KB)
  • /sedation_restraint.wav (565.34KB)
  • /simplify_your_daily_activities.wav (557.55KB)
  • /so_much_we_can_do.wav (343.55KB)
  • /sometimes_are_fantastic.wav (278.00KB)
  • /special_ROLE.wav (1.65MB)
  • /stuck_in_our_way.wav (489.78KB)
  • /supported_and_replenished.wav (301.06KB)
  • /talk_to_each_other.wav (381.01KB)
  • /the_world_of_meaining_and_memory.wav (376.00KB)
  • /this_is_very_stressful.wav (302.73KB)
  • /trillions.wav (686.40KB)
  • /understandably.wav (179.29KB)
  • /understanding_of_what_i_am.wav (315.61KB)
  • /verbally.wav (121.52KB)
  • /we_make_greater_demands.wav (383.64KB)
  • /we_use_our_memory.wav (276.65KB)
  • /who_are_unbefriended.wav (271.49KB)
  • /withdraw.wav (416.54KB)

"Think I know this (decades)"
by tacet

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