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Sleepy head (full stems)

uploaded: Mon, Aug 16, 2010 @ 5:33 PM last modified: Mon, Aug 16, 2010 @ 5:36 PM  (add)
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What sucks is that I got to the Freedom To Share remix thing way too late in the day. So I liked the idea and thought I’d share something anyway :) Shame I missed the deadline…oh well.

Here’s what I would have submitted had I not been so out of the loop!

I’ve included a guitar reference in the stems, all parts are completely untouched/edited.

Guitar chords and words follow…

Sleepy Head - capo on 3rd

[em]come on sleepy [G]head[D]
[em]time for you to [G]dream[D]
[em]of all the things I [C]now regret
[em]and fear will never [G]be[D]

come on sleepy head
time for you to go
close those eyes and just let slip
the days, the weeks, the years you’ll know

[Am]soon enough they [em]come and [d]go
[Am]the freedom of a [C]miss-spent [d]youth
[Am] sign upon a [Em]dotted line
and [G]hope to hell you [D]make it through

[C]to the top of the list of [G]sold out [D]souls
[C]to the cream in the tea of a [G]corporate [D]troll
[C]anything less and you’re [Am]shovelling [D]shit
[C]feeding the fish with the [G]help of a [Em]brick
[C]destroying your art for the [Am]sake of a [G]hit

well now sleepy head
hope your dream comes true
or you’ll pay your fees in faith one day
they’ll be paying you

well now sleepy head
hope that dream survives
or you’ll end like me, a decimal point
on a balance sheet so small…

they round me out of dues
the freedom of a miss-spelt proof
an error of significance
a bit of slide-rule fast and loose….

change to the pocket of a chosen few
change to the love for what you do
change to the notion of right and wrong
change to the copy or original song…

to the top of the list of sold out souls
to the cream in the tea of a corporate troll
anything less and you’re shovelling shit
destroying your art for the sake of a hit

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  • /SleepyHead_stem-04-(verse2-bridge2).mp3 (1.88MB)
  • /SleepyHead_stem-05-(verse2-bridge2).mp3 (1.88MB)
  • /SleepyHead_stem-06-(change-loop-1).mp3 (1.88MB)
  • /SleepyHead_stem-07-(change-loop-2).mp3 (1.88MB)
  • /SleepyHead_stem-01-(guitar-reference).mp3 (1.88MB)
  • /SleepyHead_stem-02-(verse1-bridge-chorus).mp3 (1.88MB)
  • /SleepyHead_example.mp3.mp3 (1.88MB)

"Sleepy head (full stems)"
by tacet

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