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Christmas Introspective

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Carl Jung reckoned we measure pleasure against pain and excitement against boredom. So this is a personal song about having everything and still not being happy.

It’s a reasonably catchy pop song, so feel free to add your own words, melody, voice, playing etc


i got a house
and food and drink
and lots more freedom than i think
yet slavery’s disguised as nice
the prisoner of his own device

i got a lover
and a friend
who’ll stand my ground till the bitter end
so why do i grown and complain
perhaps it’s only me to blame

christmas is only special ‘cos it’s once a year
if we had fun just every day
our lives would be a blur
from guilty pleasures to security measures
there’s a price to pay for joy
and though i’m in good company
i’m one lonely boy

i’ve got a pack of cigarretes
but i’m handcuffed to consume the rest
whatever high becomes a low
the answer’s not in smoking blow

i’ve got a family
but i treat them cruel
full of selfish pride, the eternal fool
so why am i blue when my dreams have come true
have patience, and there’s nothing we can’t do

"Christmas Introspective"
by stellarartwars

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