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Lofi Summer Samples

uploaded: Fri, Aug 20, 2021 @ 3:01 AM last modified: Fri, Aug 20, 2021 @ 3:06 AM  (add)
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Probably a bit too ‘experimental’ to be true chill but maybe some useful bits in there for someone/something.

Contents of ZIP Archive: percussion samples

  • /perc 01a brushes.flac (361.85KB)
  • /perc 02a brushes.flac (190.49KB)
  • /perc 03a brushes.flac (180.86KB)
  • /perc 04a brushes.flac (313.27KB)
  • /perc 05a brushes.flac (338.47KB)
  • /perc 06a brushed.flac (222.45KB)
  • /perc 07a.flac (121.77KB)
  • /perc 08a brushed steel drum.flac (659.71KB)
  • /perc 09a brushed.flac (291.73KB)
  • /perc 10a.flac (262.40KB)
  • /perc 11a brushes.flac (344.19KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: toy/instrument samples

  • /harpsichord.flac (792.68KB)
  • /phonorgan 01.flac (956.86KB)
  • /phonorgan 02.flac (479.66KB)
  • /phonorgan 03.flac (785.42KB)
  • /phonorgan 04.flac (3.65MB)
  • /phonorgan 05.flac (1.26MB)
  • /phonorgan 06.flac (370.06KB)
  • /phonorgan hum.flac (1.29MB)
  • /piano.flac (833.51KB)
  • /toy xylophone.flac (1.20MB)
  • /vibraphone.flac (810.72KB)
  • /wooden train whistle.flac (647.28KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: stems

  • /bass stem 90bpm.flac (1.69MB)
  • /percussion stem 90bpm.flac (16.26MB)
  • /phonorgan stem 90bpm.flac (9.10MB)
  • /piano stem 90bpm.flac (2.51MB)

"Lofi Summer Samples"
by Speck

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