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Human Race (difficult years)

uploaded: Sat, May 4, 2013 @ 5:35 PM
FeaturingPatronski, unreal_dm, BillyRayDrums, Rey Izain
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It seems much of our society is built on purchasing goods, people defined by what they own instead of who they are….at the peril of the ecosystem and each of its intricate life forms that make all of our breathing and living possible.

I’ve been blessed to work with Chris Jordan whose art and photography changed my life. He’s creating a beautiful film called Midway: Message from the Gyre (we may get the score stems recorded at Abbey Road!) that is a warning to all of humanity. I’m counting on the 100th monkey theory!

Special thanks to unreal_dm for an incredible blues track that I loved editing and remixing, to Billy Ray for the most awesome drums ever, Patronski for contributing verse, and Rey Izain for cool public service audio. Peace.

Human Race

We’re in a race for the human race
We’re in a race for the human race
To save our planet that we can’t replace
No other earth is there in outer space
Give mom a break for goodness sake
I’m gonna give much more than I take

I’m not defined by what I buy
But what’s inside my heart and my mind
I’m not defined by what I can buy
But what’s inside my big heart and mind
Not much we need, say goodbye greed
Life is in great peril and it’s time to take heed

Nurture all the flowers with the birds and the bees
Trees upon the land and the fish in the sea
No need for all those goods in plastic packaging
The earth is sorta blue ‘cause she wants to be green

That SUV sucks up too much energy
Imagine travel that’s petroleum free
Water that’s clean, and air that we can all breathe
With solar panels on our roofs and our streets
No offshore oil
No ocean spoil
The future of our world is up to you and to me

The keepers of the flowers and the birds and the bees
Trees upon the mountain and the fish in the sea
Meaningless consumption just pollutes everything
The earth is so blue ‘cause she wants to be green

The problem’s staring us bright eyed in the face
Who can stay blind to all the life we erase
Let’s work together to leave less of a trace
We’re all just visitors in this mortal space
The earth will thrive
We’ll stay alive
If we connect with nature and our love deep inside

We’re in a race for the human race
I want to give so much more than I take

"Human Race (difficult years)"
by Snowflake

2013 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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Boogie woogie for the human race. This Snowflake remix features an all star cast of mixters with unreal_dm, BillRayDrums, Patronski, and Rey Izain. So, listen up..stay alive, thrive, treat your mother right…and remember, all things are co-emergent and interdependent!