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Spectrum Analysis Episode 9 Clips

uploaded: Mon, Nov 5, 2007 @ 6:00 PM
byBen Shewmaker
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These are clips I edited out from my podcast, Spectrum Analysis. These come from episode 9. You can find the show at http://www.spectrumanalysis...

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  • /Adam I wanna be buried with it.aif (169.36KB)
  • /Adam its big.aif (65.21KB)
  • /Adam laugh.aif (120.09KB)
  • /Adam let me see what this addiction is about.aif (192.08KB)
  • /Adam oh youll try it theyre addicting.aif (241.16KB)
  • /Adam people overlook cables.aif (212.80KB)
  • /Adam the key is education.aif (246.21KB)
  • /Adam you hear music and its like.aif (230.09KB)
  • /Adam You want one.aif (216.89KB)
  • /Ben crunch crunch slurping belching.aif (260.52KB)
  • /Ben crunching.aif (344.28KB)
  • /Ben crunching 2.aif (154.88KB)
  • /ben these are pretty good.aif (202.32KB)
  • /Larry 10 9 8 .aif (604.57KB)
  • /Larry am i the one whos too thin like that.aif (184.90KB)
  • /Larry giggle beat box.aif (437.37KB)
  • /Larry how high is high enough.aif (217.07KB)
  • /Larry i like it raw.aif (308.08KB)
  • /Larry its warm down there.aif (193.89KB)
  • /Larry Laugh.aif (149.05KB)
  • /Larry Laugh 2.aif (76.65KB)
  • /Larry Laugh 3.aif (235.52KB)
  • /Larry Laugh 4.aif (337.04KB)
  • /Larry Laugh 5.aif (195.45KB)
  • /Larry liftoff.aif (137.16KB)
  • /Larry moan.aif (151.64KB)
  • /Larry mumblin.aif (640.77KB)
  • /Larry thats a lot of thinkin there.aif (115.44KB)
  • /Larry we may stop listenign to it ourselves.aif (219.80KB)
  • /Larry woh woh.aif (130.63KB)
  • /Larry youre looking at everything so physically.aif (151.64KB)
  • /thats how drug epidemics start.aif (170.42KB)
  • /The crappy.aif (97.33KB)
  • /Adam beatbox.aif (140.40KB)
  • /Adam have you ever studied this.aif (209.83KB)

"Spectrum Analysis Episode 9 Clips"
by Ben Shewmaker

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Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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