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BadSign4aBreakdown(at 3am)

uploaded: Sun, Feb 22, 2009 @ 2:18 AM
FeaturingThe 3am Association & Brad Sucks
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Having recovered from a studio meltdown - (not personally but a critical hard drive) I’m back with my song a day marathon.
Its nice to have a backup!

You may have figured that I fancy Brad’s laidback / don’t give a stuff outlook so I’ve smeared him again - this time I’ve sung an adapted version of his two songs Bad Sign and Total Breakdown against The 3am Associations’ tasty piano.
I added some guitars, drums and angst.

This is song 15 of my annual leave from the real world.
Hope you like it.

My site will be up soon (if my hardrives co-operate, meanwhile take a look at my song a day page on BandCage and stop by and I’ll share a beer with you. http://scomber.bandcage.com

I’ve padded out my uploads here with a few that I did on CCM before I went insane, so please vote for my songs in the TOP 100
(scroll down the page and look for a pic of me with my two fav things - I’m probably number 99 with a bullet :-)
A good excuse for me to try and learn how to master low bit rate streams without them sounding too shithouse.
I love this place!

"BadSign4aBreakdown(at 3am)"
by ScOmBer

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