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Sansula sampled

uploaded: Sun, Nov 21, 2010 @ 3:04 PM last modified: Sun, Nov 21, 2010 @ 3:09 PM  (add)
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The “Sansula” is a Kalimba mounted on a membrane giving it a prolonged softer tone. It is patented and made by Hokema. The tuning is normally a-minor but can be slightly changed.

I recorded all single tones with an audio-technica P48. The available tones are a, c’, e’, f’, g’, a’, b’, c”, e”. The wav files can be found in the zip archive.

For your convenience I created a Kontakt4 instrument. If you have NI Kontakt4 (or the free player) you just have to load the nki file.

The mp3 preview is a quick improvisation with a synth background - played with the Sansula, not with the samples. The wah-wah effect is made by moving the instrument.

It sounds a bit like a vibraphone but probably somebody can still need it.

add: the very wrong tuning of the f is corrected in the samples (pitch corrected with melodyne)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Samples

  • /Sansula-part2.wav (11.13MB)
  • /Sansula-part1.wav (11.13MB)
  • /Kontakt4/Sansula Samples/Sansula-bottom-a0.wav (1.14MB)
  • /Kontakt4/Sansula Samples/Sansula-bottom-a1.wav (1.14MB)
  • /Kontakt4/Sansula Samples/Sansula-bottom-b1.wav (1.14MB)
  • /Kontakt4/Sansula Samples/Sansula-bottom-c1.wav (1.14MB)
  • /Kontakt4/Sansula Samples/Sansula-bottom-c2.wav (1.14MB)
  • /Kontakt4/Sansula Samples/Sansula-bottom-e1.wav (1.14MB)
  • /Kontakt4/Sansula Samples/Sansula-bottom-e2.wav (1.14MB)
  • /Kontakt4/Sansula Samples/Sansula-bottom-f1.wav (1.14MB)
  • /Kontakt4/Sansula Samples/Sansula-bottom-g1.wav (1.14MB)
  • /Kontakt4/Sansula.nki (3.64KB)

"Sansula sampled"
by rocavaco

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