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Minor interruption

uploaded: Fri, Nov 2, 2012 @ 7:24 PM last modified: Fri, Nov 2, 2012 @ 7:30 PM  (add)
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This is based on Javolenus’ lovely acoustic sample with the deceptively boring title “E minor_GTR _Arpeggios_2”, so I’ve renamed it. It’s pretty well just me tooling around on an acoustic guitar in stolen moments over several days with a couple of shakuhachi tracks over-dubbed. I haven’t written any new words for a while, so for the moment it’s an instrumental. Any songwriters out there? As always, please feel free to cannibalize, sample, add, subtract, divide or multiply…

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  • /Minor interruption/arpeggio tag.mp3 (3.77MB)
  • /Minor interruption/guitar (bass strings).mp3 (3.77MB)
  • /Minor interruption/Javo's arpeggio (looped).mp3 (3.77MB)
  • /Minor interruption/left channel guitar.mp3 (3.77MB)
  • /Minor interruption/mid-channel guitar.mp3 (3.77MB)
  • /Minor interruption/minor interruption.mp3 (3.77MB)
  • /Minor interruption/right channel guitar.mp3 (3.77MB)
  • /Minor interruption/shakuhachi 1.mp3 (3.77MB)
  • /Minor interruption/shakuhachi 2.mp3 (3.77MB)
  • /Minor interruption/tag reverb.mp3 (3.77MB)
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"Minor interruption"
by robwalkerpoet

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