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Mississippi Kite Reprised

uploaded: Fri, Sep 17, 2010 @ 7:54 PM
byIvan Chew
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I suppose some people are like these Kites: “You get burned, you get cold”.

Had no idea a “Mississippi Kite” was a migratory bird, until I completed the remix. Sounds like the species has that kick-ass attitude, as expressed in Kristin Hersh’s vocals. And that raw-something in Hersh’s voice that made me sit up, listen, and itching to make this into a rock song. -p.s. the instrumental stems will be uploaded separately under a CC-BY license.

p.p.s: Anyone crediting this track ought to credit Kristin Hersh too. Couldn’t have create this without being inspired by her raw powerful vocals. I’ve uploaded my guitar samples, here.

"Mississippi Kite Reprised"
by Ivan Chew

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