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Phunker - Spanky's Control (feat DripManila)

uploaded: Sat, Jul 17, 2010 @ 9:47 AM
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Been a while since I have done a song. Been so busy of late :( so a few days ago decided to make the time to produce a new song and thought might as well come back with a bang (or should that be a spank! LOL)

Originally this song was going to be a Instrumental but half way through decided to add vocals and was lucky enough to find a great acapella by DripManila about being spanked lol thought it sounded great and it went with my song can’t ask more than that i guess.

Gone back to my happy style of music. So enjoy being SPANKED!

Any Comments appreciated.

This is version 2 I am now happy with the vocals wooohooo I wasn’t happy with the sync in version one but now I’m happy again :).

Will be doing a video soon to go with this song.

"Phunker - Spanky's Control (feat DripManila)"
by phunker

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