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Cardboard Drum Kit Samples

uploaded: Sun, Jun 21, 2015 @ 4:29 AM
byParee Katti
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These samples were recorded from a cardboard drumkit i made it out of plastic containers and cardboard.I was simply recording a jam.I extracted sample form that recording.All th kicks,Snares and plastic hat are recorded from my Cardboard drumkit.The Crashes,Rides,hats are recored from a metal dish (Plate).And some Glitchs which came while recording, some claps which i played with my hand and Paper Banger Snare (Sounds like one).


There are loads of cool sounds which came unintentionally while recording.I’ll release’em in another sample pack if you like.

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Clap1.wav (32.60KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Clap2.wav (23.52KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Glitch1.wav (20.75KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Glitch2.wav (8.84KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Glitch3.wav (49.96KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Kick1.wav (19.90KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Kick2.wav (22.45KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Kick3.wav (37.77KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Kick4.wav (12.67KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Paperbangersnare1.wav (76.06KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Plastichat1.wav (4.51KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/PlateCrash1.wav (177.04KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Platecrash2.wav (153.21KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Platehat1.wav (6.83KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Plateopenhat1.wav (17.91KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Plateride1.wav (53.66KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Plateride2.wav (163.43KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Plateride3.wav (82.30KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Rimshot.wav (32.10KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Singleclap1.wav (44.00KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Snare1.wav (66.98KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Snare2.wav (29.97KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Snare3.wav (13.09KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Snare4.wav (25.86KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Snare5.wav (53.83KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Snare6.wav (23.13KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit Samples/Snareclap1.wav (50.74KB)
  • /Cardboard Drum Kit.png (668.86KB)
  • /Demo Loop.wav (324.01KB)
  • /Readme.txt (738)

"Cardboard Drum Kit Samples"
by Paree Katti

2015 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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