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When Love Turns Blue

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Yup, this one is a shade country. For my friend radiotimes.

sample 1. vocal
sample 2. demo

v 1. i’ve a gift you’ll find, i can read the mind, of every woman with a gold ring on her hand. so send another round, to that woman at the far end of the bar, she wears that rumpled skirt like a badge of courage, and her red silk scarf like a battle scar.

v 2. we could have worked it out, in another time & space, compared our notes on life & love, built a better place, the world will keep turning, we can’t stop or slow the track, there are no surprises at the bottom, of a double whiskey, back

ch. no one talks about the price, of loyalty & sacrifice, it only comes to you, when love turns blue.

"When Love Turns Blue"
by panu

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