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Eternity is build on the past chapter 4

uploaded: Fri, Mar 29, 2013 @ 10:11 AM last modified: Fri, Mar 29, 2013 @ 10:17 AM  (add)
byMy Free Mickey
FeaturingMaxim, Abstract Audio, Snowflake
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This chapter I used unfinished song which was a collaboration between Maxim and me. Maxim is a very talented young artist. Here you find his soundcloud page.
Then I added some drum parts created from the pack of Abstract audio. To glue it together with the previous chapters I added the voice sample from Snowflake.

Contents of ZIP Archive: StemsFlac 1

  • /94-bass-eternity-is-build-on-the-past-chapter4-MyFreeMickey.flac (2.07MB)
  • /94-CLHH-eternity-is-build-on-the-past-chapter4-MyFreeMickey.flac (10.12MB)
  • /94-fx-eternity-is-build-on-the-past-chapter4-MyFreeMickey.flac (7.99MB)
  • /94-Group 09-eternity-is-build-on-the-past-chapter4-MyFreeMickey.flac (17.75MB)
  • /94-hi perc-eternity-is-build-on-the-past-chapter4-MyFreeMickey.flac (748.85KB)
  • /94-HIHIAT-eternity-is-build-on-the-past-chapter4-MyFreeMickey.flac (10.65MB)
  • /94-o hihat-eternity-is-build-on-the-past-chapter4-MyFreeMickey.flac (1.86MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: StemsFlac 2

  • /94-org n-eternity-is-build-on-the-past-chapter4-MyFreeMickey.flac (4.15MB)
  • /94-organ-eternity-is-build-on-the-past-chapter4-MyFreeMickey.flac (5.82MB)
  • /94-percDelay-eternity-is-build-on-the-past-chapter4-MyFreeMickey.flac (6.67MB)
  • /94-ride-eternity-is-build-on-the-past-chapter4-MyFreeMickey.flac (3.42MB)
  • /94-S03-eternity-is-build-on-the-past-chapter4-MyFreeMickey.flac (5.54MB)
  • /94-snowflake-eternity-is-build-on-the-past-chapter4-MyFreeMickey.flac (2.36MB)
  • /94-violin-eternity-is-build-on-the-past-chapter4-MyFreeMickey.flac (3.80MB)
  • /94-voicepad-eternity-is-build-on-the-past-chapter4-MyFreeMickey.flac (830.62KB)

"Eternity is build on the past chapter 4"
by My Free Mickey

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