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Swiss Miss

uploaded: Mon, May 27, 2013 @ 3:29 PM last modified: Mon, May 27, 2013 @ 3:50 PM  (add)
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samples for ‘swiss miss’. the ‘renoise project file’ is a .zip file which can be named back to .xrns for loading into renoise (most renoise people probably already know that ‘.xrns is actually .zip’)

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /mrblitz_8323_Swiss_Miss_guitar.wav (41.87MB)
  • /mrblitz_8323_Swiss_Miss_vocals.wav (41.87MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: percussion_bassline

  • /mrblitz_8323_Swiss_Miss_snare_toms_cymbals.wav (41.87MB)
  • /mrblitz_8323_Swiss_Miss_kick_and_bassline.wav (41.87MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: renoise_project_file

  • /Song.xml (7.18MB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument00 (KickC)/Sample00 (KickC).flac (28.18KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument01 (snare)/Sample00 (New Sample 11).flac (27.97KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument02 (Hats)/Sample00 (YDD5_HH_CL).flac (3.41KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument02 (Hats)/Sample01 (YDD5_HH_Op).flac (13.05KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument02 (Hats)/Sample02 (tambourine-classical-tap).flac (70.61KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument02 (Hats)/Sample03 (cymbal-hihat-foot-open).flac (125.48KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument02 (Hats)/Sample04 (cymbal-hihat-foot-2).flac (14.08KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument02 (Hats)/Sample05 (cymbal-hihat-open-stick-1).flac (28.58KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument02 (Hats)/Sample06 (cymbal-hihat-open-stick-2).flac (29.95KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument03 (Steel Drum C)/Sample00 (DD11STEE).flac (15.84KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument04 (Misc)/Sample00 (fingercymbals-large).flac (106.56KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument07 (vocals1)/Sample00 (Recorded Sample 14).flac (5.14MB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument08 (vocals2)/Sample00 (Recorded Sample 15).flac (6.21MB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument09 (mrblitz_guitar2)/Sample00 (Recorded Sample 24).flac (2.93MB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument10 (guitar)/Sample00 (Recorded Sample 03).flac (3.66MB)

"Swiss Miss"
by mrblitz

2013 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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