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Letter to My Daughter

uploaded: Thu, May 26, 2011 @ 6:42 AM
byMalcolm Lovett
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my dear daughter,
I write you this letter
because I love you
and if I died today
there’s a wealth of information
I’d want to relay
yet I’d never finish this letter
if I wrote everything
so I hope you’ll remember
just a few words I’ll bring

I want you to remain a precious and beautiful virgin
like Esther who was a queen
the only time that this should change
is when you and a godly man exchange rings
and become a team

outward beauty is good
but what’s better is beauty on the inside
my dear daughter you have both
so as your father I’m filled with pride
I know I’ve talked to you about the clothes you wear
because it’s important and it does matter
new clothes and new shoes
or good Christian and good deeds?
you choose
I do hope you’ll focus on the latter

may your character be noble
fear God put Him first
and have fun
I only want the best for you
and God does too
for more information
read Proverbs 31

my dear daughter
I wrote you this letter
because I love you

"Letter to My Daughter"
by Malcolm Lovett

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