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Sam the Accordian Man

uploaded: Sat, Oct 24, 2009 @ 8:14 PM
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A reincarnation of a 1920s pop song. For the “accordian man” I once met overseas. Please leave a note about the quality of the audio; I am trying to calibrate some equipment. Thanks!


In Dixieland
There’s a musical man
He has a good time
Just makin’ folks happy

This musical man
He’s a one-man band
Folks have to love him
For makin’ them glad

He don’t play melodies
Just plays blue harmonies
Just like nobody ever has

He just plays chords
That make you feel grand
They call him Sam, the old accordian man

"Sam the Accordian Man"
by libraryowl

2009 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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