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We just got our original studio tracks from our 4 song e.p. (2006), recorded at Studio Moskou.

We’ve put up a package containing the 31 recorded tracks that make up our song tv on.

All tracks have been released under the 2.5 Creative Commons Licence.

We’d really appreciate it if you remix this track in your own style. Make of it what you want. If you come up with something cool, please let us know and we’ll upload it on our myspace page and at the official website.
Of course, you can use any of the samples for your own tracks or projects.

the zipped files contain the following packages:

- bass guitar
- drums
- guitar
- keys
- vocals

Inside the folders you’ll find all the recorded tracks for that instrument.
All audio is compressed to mp3, 44K.
Play TV ON

Contents of ZIP Archive: TV ON _ bass

  • /bass guitar/bas comp_01.mp3 (2.11MB)
  • /bass guitar/bas comp._01.mp3 (1.42MB)
  • /bass guitar/bas_01.mp3 (1.51MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: TV ON _ drums1

  • /floor_01.mp3 (1.49MB)
  • /aa snare_01.mp3 (3.54MB)
  • /aaa kick_01.mp3 (3.40MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: TV ON _ drums2

  • /oh_01 l.mp3 (3.79MB)
  • /hat_01.mp3 (2.18MB)
  • /kick_01 c.mp3 (3.40MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: TV ON _ drums3

  • /ohr_01.mp3 (3.74MB)
  • /rack_01.mp3 (1.54MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: TV ON _ guitar

  • /guitar/feedback_01.mp3 (1.27MB)
  • /guitar/Fender_01.mp3 (2.07MB)
  • /guitar/M clean 2_01.mp3 (1.77MB)
  • /guitar/M slag 1_01.dup1_01.mp3 (1.32MB)
  • /guitar/M slag 1_01.dup2_01.mp3 (1.42MB)
  • /guitar/M slag 1_01.dup3_01.mp3 (1.58MB)
  • /guitar/M slag 1_01.mp3 (2.28MB)
  • /guitar/M temy dist_01.mp3 (1.83MB)
  • /guitar/Marsh._01.mp3 (1.64MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: TV ON _ keys

  • /keys/keys 1_01.L.mp3 (2.82MB)
  • /keys/keys 1_01.R.mp3 (2.74MB)
  • /keys/keys 2_01.L.mp3 (1.51MB)
  • /keys/keys 2_01.R.mp3 (1.48MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: TV ON _ vocals

  • /vocals/flanger 2_01.L.mp3 (1.50MB)
  • /vocals/flanger 2_01.R.mp3 (1.50MB)
  • /vocals/Temy.dup2_01.mp3 (1.57MB)
  • /vocals/Temy.dup3_01.mp3 (1.34MB)
  • /vocals/Temy.dup4_01.mp3 (1.29MB)
  • /vocals/Temy.dup6_01.mp3 (2.72MB)
  • /vocals/Temy.dup7_01.mp3 (1.63MB)

by kismet

2007 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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