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Below (kiddphunk driving home remix)

uploaded: Wed, Jun 15, 2005 @ 12:04 AM
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My first remix for ccmixter and the magnatune contest. This mix utilizes the excellent loops provided from the magnatune library to show what can be created with what was supplied. However, as I am mostly a crate-digger and on more of the hip-hop tip, this is kind of a different sort of jam than what I might normally construct- so look for additional remixes in a different vibe using some new loops. I didn’t hear the original track before remixing it (as I generally like to do, to get an initial gut remix) so this is just my first response given the ‘pella and the loops. I also rearranged the vocals a bit; while the mix is a bit thick, I kept it that way to make for driving music or headphone mind expansion. I guess that’s about it- oh, it gets loud at the drop, so don’t blow out your speakers or your ears when it drops around the first minute or so. One final shout out to my friend Colin- sup bro! I can’t wait to remix your stuff. Peace -kp

"Below (kiddphunk driving home remix)"
by kiddphunk

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