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uploaded: Sun, Sep 16, 2012 @ 4:05 AM
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I live near the blackland prairie. Most of it is gone. Where once there were millions of acres, now scattered remnants of thousands of acres remain. What remains is bits and pieces of native prairie, and huge swaths of agricultural grasslands.

I like to walk in prairie lands and in more generic grasslands. In this time of year, late Summer and early Autumn flowers begin to bloom, like this stand of snow-on-the-prairie shown here: http://www.flickr.com/photo...

This song’s title came to me because grasslands have a reputation for being bland and boring, when in fact they are always full of life—alive with insects and birds, coyotes and bobcats, wildflowers and thistles. I want to “set” my grasslands song in an active, somewhat odd fast-moving setting.

Vo1k1 has some great material with which to work, and this noisy bit of oddity does not do those uploads justice. But perhaps it gives a bit of the sense of wonder of an active prairie on a hot Summer’s day, with blooms exploding like raging synths and a loggerhead shrike bird hunting prey from a little prairie zone tree. This song image ‘taken’ from Ladonia and Sadler, Texas, two small towns blessed with the chance to be border towns for vast grasslands.

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