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uploaded: Wed, Apr 16, 2008 @ 12:11 AM
byGood Humor
FeaturingRiyu Konaka
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Poem by Bun Onoe and Riyu
A Cappella & translation by Riyu

2:09 I’m in the bathtub, hey, hold it, don’t you run away
Somebody’s shouting from the T.V. phone
No way sir, if you’re talking about me, well, I’m Riyu Konaka,
ha-a-a-ah, oh, what a good bath!
What is your alibi?
Sure, I like playing cats cradle!
N-n-n-n-n, I’m getting entangled
Phew, It’s getting real sweaty!

Fu-Fu, Human Beings are too uncomfortable for me
I wonder, GOD, who in the hell made this thing anyway?
The F.B.I. is shouting fro the TV Phone witha rifle aiming at my chin!
Hey you, hands up!
No! Why don’t you fetch me that shampoo you idiot!

Bullshit baby
Have some shit!
Life is baby absurd!
Bullshit baby
But ‘you know what?
I really like human beings
ha-ha-ha-ha, hi!

Well, you know? I was brought up by a honey bee,
so I’ve never caught a cold, not even once!
TU-TU, I always sleep on my hexagonal bed,
I smoke ‘Kinpogeh Buttercups’
Ithink I think I feel, that in this country, well,
the position of women in this country is … LOW!

- Half-time announcement -
May I introduce my sweetheart to you for a minute?
Hey hey, Mr. F.B.I.?
He’s always busy
He loves … Jump-roping
Hey, hey, hey …
He’s in the beehive!

Bullshit baby
Eat some haze!
People must train their spirits
Bulshit baby
It a long way
To get to Buddah’s state
ha-ha-ha-ha, hi!

I’m playing in the bathtub with my sports car
The F.B.I. asks “Can I have your sports car?”
People who hurt people, are always people
But, I’m a Human Being, too
I’m getting entangled
It’s getting real sweaty!
I’m so hot!

Bullshit baby
Take this shit!
Life is baby absurd!
Bullshit baby
But ‘you know what?
I really like us human beings
ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha … Hi!

by Good Humor

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