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Saffron Fire (3 Interpretations)

uploaded: Thu, Apr 30, 2009 @ 2:32 AM
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This isn’t a remix, as such, or a dance mix or any of that - I set the melody to music and then re-interpreted the melody twice more. I took this as a challenge to accompany a very haunting and beautiful melody, one without a very apparent progression or beat, as best I could. I didn’t know what the language or the ethnic music of origin was, but I heard a Moorish influence and definitely heard guitar behind it.

I pitched her vocal down a little and tuned it to make some of the in-between notes make more sense, but I didn’t take liberties and it retains its shape.
I even built a tempo map to follow what I perceived to be the beat of the melody, but that ended up being no help at all and I just had to rehearse and perform the accompaniment.

I am no expert in Iberian or Middle Eastern music genres, so these are only imitations: the 1st interpretation is Spanish guitar style, the 2nd is kind of like incidental music from an Italian movie, and the 3rd is an Arabic style ensemble.

Edit: Well, it turns out if I’d read innabar’s profile, I might’ve found that it is indeed Rom gypsy - how about that ?

"Saffron Fire (3 Interpretations)"
by boomaga

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