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So You Know

uploaded: Wed, Aug 19, 2009 @ 8:57 PM
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This pop funk music has elements of the Red Hot Chili Peppers with the funky slap bass line, Jamiroquai with its funky groove and The Chemical Brothers and Stanton Warriors with the chorus bass synth line.

The song is about getting off your arse (Aussie spelling) and getting things done. It can be so easy to get home from work and not do any music production or bass practice and simply veg out on the couch. However you only live once and “you know there isn’t that much time left”…

The vocals on the track are performed by Jason Demillo who has previously sung in original and cover bands in Melbourne and his home town of Auckland, NZ.

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  • /crash-1.mp3 (184.91KB)
  • /drum1_1.mp3 (364.50KB)
  • /drum1_2.mp3 (274.71KB)
  • /drum1_3.mp3 (93.07KB)
  • /drum1_4.mp3 (94.09KB)
  • /giutar_chorus.mp3 (364.50KB)
  • /guitar_intro-1.mp3 (364.50KB)
  • /guitar_middle.mp3 (183.89KB)
  • /guitar_riff2.mp3 (183.89KB)
  • /guitar_riff3.mp3 (364.50KB)
  • /guitar_riff4.mp3 (182.87KB)
  • /guitar_verse.mp3 (364.50KB)
  • /kick1-2.mp3 (274.71KB)
  • /kick2.mp3 (364.50KB)
  • /kick3.mp3 (183.89KB)
  • /kick4.mp3 (183.89KB)
  • /sax_fill2.mp3 (274.71KB)
  • /sax_fill.mp3 (94.09KB)
  • /saxes_chorus.mp3 (724.71KB)
  • /shaker.mp3 (94.09KB)
  • /snare1.mp3 (364.50KB)
  • /snare2.mp3 (183.89KB)
  • /synth_chorus.mp3 (725.73KB)
  • /synth_verse.mp3 (365.52KB)
  • /vox_chorus.mp3 (1.59MB)
  • /vox_verse1.mp3 (724.71KB)
  • /vox_verse2.mp3 (745.11KB)
  • /readme.txt (63)
  • /bass_chorus.mp3 (364.50KB)
  • /bass_intro-2.mp3 (364.50KB)
  • /bass_intro-3.mp3 (364.50KB)

"So You Know"
by apell

2009 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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