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Enjoy the View at 432 (Hz)

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โ€œIf you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.โ€ โ€“ Nikola Tesla

So this article inspired me to try tuning everything to 432Hz:


432 Hz is said to be mathematically consistent with the patterns of the universe. Studies reveal that 432hz tuning vibrates with the universeโ€™s golden mean PHI and unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code and consciousness. When our atoms and DNA start to resonate in harmony with the spiraling pattern of nature, our sense of connection to nature is said to be magnified. The number 432 is also reflected in ratios of the Sun, Earth, and the moon as well as the precession of the equinoxes, the Great Pyramid of Egypt, Stonehenge, the Sri Yantra among many other sacred sites.”

"Enjoy the View at 432 (Hz)"
by Jeris

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