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uploaded: Thu, Jun 30, 2022 @ 8:09 AM
FeaturingJeri Staley, Haskel Joseph
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Haskel uploaded this track which fit perfectly with the tempo, timbre and timing of Jeri’s delicious recitation of her dream The Bungalow by the Sea.

Thank you Haskel and Jeri for the source material.

Dream No. 187
from Jeri Staley

I find myself in a long, narrow, white wooden bungalow that is rustic and homey. It feels like a vacation cottage.
“This place would be perfect,” I say, “if only it were right on the beach.”
Then I open the front door to look out and am surprised to see sand and water just beyond the doorstep. I realize that the bungalow is, in fact, right on the beach. The water beyond is not unfettered, wild ocean, but rather a busy little port or bay — however, it’s still the sea, and the boats and activity make the whole scene very charming and picturesque. Far out to sea, I see a small dinghy and I wave to the people in it, who wave back.
Then for a moment I think I see a dolphin leaping out of the water. Suddenly I realize that there are actually lots of sea creatures leaping out of the water and cavorting in various ways – both far out in the bay and close up near the shore, both in and out of the water. It’s a beautiful sight and it thrills me to the core of my being. As I walk toward the water, I can see several creatures just below the surface – a seal, a dolphin, a whale and even a narwhal.
“I’ve read that it’s important to pet and stroke them when they come ashore like this,” I say, “and it doesn’t hurt them at all.” And then I walk to the water’s edge to pet them.

As I awaken from the dream, I think immediately of the African shaman who told me that he saw dolphins and whales swimming all around me. He told me that they are my people and my tribe. That is how it feels when I am on the shore petting the creatures who have come near – it feels like I have come home.


"Seal.Dolphin.Whale.Narwhal. "
by SackJo22

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