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Imagining Imaginal (Stems)

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A few days ago I wrote some words inspired by our theme of imaginal cells, and the poetic suggestion of regeneration, rebirth and transformation that I associate with the image of imaginal cells.

Then the war started.

That changed everything.

More lyrics came. I played the singing bowls, and then played them some more. I added rainstick and the sound of a wooden frog. The background vocals include somatic release exercise I use to regulate the nervous system. If you sing along your nervous system may regulate too.

Full mix here


The war has started

(Forget the past. Forget the future. Tonight, just live for the present.)

Scorpion in the sky
I hear the falcon nearby
Thunder and fire Radiance and rouser
Receiving wisdom from the symbolic life

Birds sing even louder after the helicopter passed
The relief we all felt once it left

Using my senses to take in the moment
Releasing, resting to notice
A great renewal, circle of meaning
Seed the new by careful preparing
Abounding and sojourning Connecting while wandering
Imaginal imagining

The war has started
We’re in the abyss
A primal site of transformation
Explosive negotiation
Toward regeneration (reparation?)

It is not peaceful the process is painful Imagining imaginal

Be small be careful Be not afraid to stand alone
In soft darkness we shall atone
To sense again what we’ve always known

Open the heart to receive love Receive love to be love

Is there a place we can be still to recharge while enervating
To be grounded while activating
To support strength while evading
The onslaught of force with aims to diminish
What will we endure? How will this finish?
Let’s show up this time the way we wished
When this happened before
Let’s not repeat the past
Let’s make this war short don’t let this last
Let’s come together to be a whole
Imagining imaginal

open the heart to receive love
receive love to be love


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"Imagining Imaginal (Stems)"
by SackJo22

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