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uploaded: Sat, Apr 17, 2021 @ 11:47 PM
FeaturingBangcorrupt, Mana Junkie
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Gravity is the root of lightness; stillness the ruler of movement. — Laotzu

I loved Dub Junkie the first time I heard what Bangcorrupt created remixing Mana Junkie for a prior Secret Mixter event.

The feel of the original track is incredible. It immediately got me singing and moving along. Music that does that for me is the most healing music of all.

In terms of remixing, it took me a while to figure things out. It wasn’t only until I attended a couple of sound healing webinars this morning that things started coming together and I realized I was making a track that I can use as part of my somatic release and regulation practice.

I reduced the tempo of the fully mixed track, and then played along on crystal singing bowl notes C, G, A, D. According to many systems, the resonance of these tones correlate to root, throat, third eye, and sacral chakras respectively.

My teachers share that the act of noticing our sensations enriches our hearts and facilitates healing.


The first breath is a grounding breath
Take a moment

The next breath is a grounding breath
Notice what feels supportive

The next breath is a sounding breath
Allow the voice to open

The next breath
Exhalation dispersing violations
resonance alchemizes transformation


What are the sensations of resonance
How far does that sensation reach

I will upload stems for bowls and vocals separately soon.

by SackJo22

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Push play and invite SackJo22 to lead your breath to a space where you notice. Utilizing Bangcorrupt’s remix of Mana Junkie, SackJo22 adds spoken word, ethereal backing vocals and hypnotizing crystal singing bowl to create a chill, meditative ambient track for healing.

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