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Guns For Guitars

uploaded: Mon, Mar 21, 2022 @ 10:57 AM
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Ukranian musician Andriy Khlyvnyuk joined the military with the words ” Now is not the time for guitars, now is the time for rifles “.

Vitaminka could have left with the other women but she chose to stay and fight in the Aidar assault battalion.

Once again Javolenus provides the impetus for the mix.

She wore a uniform it did not fit the sleeve was torn
Its history hidden in the stains that someone left when their heart failed
But she was driven by the sights of dangerous days more dangerous nights
Defender of whats good and right they called her to her duty

And in the shattered cities towns she crawls her way to safer ground
The bombs and bullets feed the sounds surrounding her young passion
We cannot fully understand the hearts of those who’ve made the stand
Against the Russian bears demands but thank God they are amongst us

There are few who have to make the choice between a guitar or a gun
And I pray to God I never will enter that situation
But for those whose fingers press the trigger and not strings on frets
All we have is admiration they are the best of heroes

Though music can restore the soul at times its only guns that hold
The answers to the question rolling down the streets of Ukraine
The world looks on a step away no frightening sounds no smells of pain
As innocents give all they can to free their saddened country

"Guns For Guitars"
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