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Sally James 2 August 1992

uploaded: Sun, Sep 5, 2021 @ 5:13 AM
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Thanks to Greg for his uplifting mix which I have left mostly intact apart from the drums which I replaced. The clean samples allowed me to re-engineer them so many thanks for that.

Sally came and went but left many memories

The cherries have all been eaten and the coffee has gone cold
The girl has left for Soho and I’m here all alone
There are bite marks on my forearm there are cuts close to my wrists
A stranger calls offering freedom he says he’ll be my evangelist

But I’m too busy building highways from my backdoor to the sun
Addressing thoughts of clear ambition with calloused hands from digging on the run
And Sally James just called to offer me her body if I promise to perform an act of pain
But I remind her of the last time we went solo and the scars that now forever would remain

On the TV all the people race for shelter but the agitators block the roads ahead
They confirm the news thats riding on the airwaves that many more must face up to their death
And the well dressed fools have lost their good intentions lost whilst they tried to blame another man
If I was younger, bolder full of words of wisdom I might join them as they make another plan

But Sally’s called again with better offers she says a friend of hers would like to join our fun
She is beautiful carefree and free from wrinkles with a lust for life that will not be undone
So I say just give me time to think it over and she says to me try not to take too long
Because theirs hot cakes ready for the devouring and theres plenty there for you to make another song

"Sally James 2 August 1992"
by Radioontheshelf

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